Minimize the time factor

Orthodontic treatment requires time and patience to reach desired clinical result. At Columbia Dental Clinic, we try to minimize the time factor using various techniques, which achieve optimal environment for easy teeth movement.

Use of self-ligating bracket (self-ligating bracket)

Self-ligating brackets minimize friction for teeth movement and shortens treatment time.

Use of Mini-Screws

Mini-Screws used for orthodontics are a type of implant system stationed in bone under local anesthesia. It is much shorter and narrower than conventional type of tooth implant and used in orthodontics to achieve difficult tooth movements in many directions without requiring patients cooperation.

Effect of laser biostimulation

We use low energy laser in the gingival area to biostimulate the periodontal environment of teeth in movement. This safe and effective use of laser promotes easy teeth movement by improving blood flow and regeneration of oral tissues so teeth will move easier and faster.

Use of surgical method: Corticotomy, ASD
1. Corticotomy

Through a simple and quick surgery, part of bone/gingiva is removed to increase the rate of teeth movement.

2. Anterior Segmental Osteotomy, ASO

For severe skeletal protrusion of upper and lower jaws, anterior segment of jaw bone is surgically relocated posteriorly at the initial stage of this surgical orthodonitic treatment. The treatment is then followed and finished with orthodontic treatment to align teeth. Surgical orthodontics maximizes the final result and sigificantly reduces total treatment time.

All of the above methods are used to achieve maximum functional and esthetic results, with minimum discomfort.